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The 2019 most anticipated Auditor General’s report was on Friday 18th 爱游戏首页|爱游戏开户|爱游戏首页 2020 in the Well of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone which executive summary revealed that a total sum of over 178


Engineers at the Sierra Water Company (SALWACO) have found themselves in hot water and contempt of Parliament after they lied to Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Water Resources that they have implemented all water


On Thursday 17th 爱游戏首页|爱游戏开户|爱游戏首页 2020, the leading mobile company in the country, Orange Sierra Leone has concluded fruitful engagement with media institutions on the company’s strategic plans,2021. The productive media engagement which was held at the


A high-powered team of credible and experienced personalities of a national character dispatched by Chief Alhaji Samuel Sidique Sumana has massaged the four districts in the southern region of the country, with a strong message 


The issue of “land grab” is not a new phenomenon to many Sierra Leoneans; especially to those with first hand experience as victims in this dark art. This is predominantly so in the urban areas.


The just published 2019 Audit Report came out with shocking news. Many Sierra Leoneans may want to know what action government will take with regards to the discrepancies found on the report. Speaking to this media,


Leader of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party in the House of Parliament, Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah has called on the government of President Julius Maada Bio to see the need of


As part of their financial inclusion drive, Action Call To Business (ACTB) has introduced its ‘osusu’ scheme for low income earners. During a colourful ceremony held at their Congo Water Wellington office branch on Wednesday 16


One of Sierra Leone’s illustrious personalities who have been positively contributing towards nation building in diverse ways is indisputably, Eric Massallay,  who happens to be the National NGO Coordinator within the Ministry of Planning and


Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have welcome the wave of civility and maturity in our body politics exhibited by our two main political parties, the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) n and the


The United Bank for Africa (UBA) Sierra Leone on Friday 11th 爱游戏首页|爱游戏开户|爱游戏首页, 2020 received the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Compliance Award ‘for fully complying with the Provisions of the NASSIT Act No.5


The invaluable humanitarian impact that Choithram Memorial Hospital has been providing in the lives of the less privileged cannot be overemphasized as the hospital continues to largely meet the needs of the poor and needy


The most controversial land minster in the history of Sierra Leone, SLPP’s Paopa Dr. Denis Sandy has been named and shamed in contravening electoral laws and Memorandum of Understanding signed by SLPP & APC parties


Sierra Leone's most influential organization that is looking into issues and progress about the agriculture sector known as Everybody Must Farm, (EMF), will be inspecting a 2 Billion Leones gari processing investment facilities in the


Past Thursday and Friday, 爱游戏首页|爱游戏开户|爱游戏首页 10th and 11th 2020 respectively, the Auditor General of the Sierra Leone Audit Service, Mrs. Lara Taylor-Pearce, laid the 2019 and Covid-19 audit reports in the House of Parliament. Under Sierra

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