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There are several “sweet spots” to relax and savor the panoramic view of the Lion Mountains and Leicester Peak.  The veranda offers a skyline view of Kroo Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  The property is adjacent to the National Stadium, and Congo Bridge.

Halcyon Place


  • Three Story Estate
  • Large Open Floor Plans
  • Fully Furnished Rooms
  • 17 Moderate & Full-Sized Bedrooms
  • Full Size Kitchen w/Modern Appliances
  • Shared and Private Baths
  • State of the Art Security System
  • TV /DVD, Surround Sound
  • Whole House A/C
  • Rooftop Bar & Grill

There are many benefits to booking a guestroom or the main rental property. If you are visiting Freetown with a large group, you can house additional family members or friends in the adjoined guest accommodations. If you are a parent who is bringing along a nanny or child care, this is a great place to put them up. You can also rent individual rooms or an entire floor if that best suits your needs.



Halcyon Place
Vicgat Johnson Drive,
22B Congo Bridge,
Tengbeh Town,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Tel:    SL 033-286-541; 078-585-765             USA – 301-272-4273


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