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The just published 2019 Audit Report came out with shocking news. Many Sierra Leoneans may want to know what action government will take with regards to the discrepancies found on the report.

Speaking to this media, former Sierra Leone Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Felix A.Koroma, told this press that the 2019 Audit Report has identified lots of discrepancies within government institutions. The Ambassador continues by saying that whether these discrepancies were deliberately made or  caused by the lack of an effective administrative structure could best be examined by the explanation governments will give on the huge sum of money that the Audit Report found to be unaccounted for.

The Ambassador informed this press that the delay in publishing the report sent out suspicious signals and the findings in the report have also exposed government’s ineptness in handling resources. He further said that the report has exposed government insincerity in the fight against corruption and it will further drastically bring government scorecard on corruption down should they fail to take action on the report.

The Ambassador further emphasised that the record shown on the report exposed the Bio’s government on financial Indiscipline and frivolous public spending.

He concluded by saying that the fight against corruption should not only be seen on how you go after members of the former regime. But that the seriousness and determination of the fight against corruption can best be determined on how you take action against members of your regime who are found wanting on corruption. The Ambassador end his note by saying that the 2019 Audit Report will determine the life of the current government.

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